Training Required

To ensure the best possible safety and professionalism for our members, each firefighter and fire police officer must pass a collection of required training courses. These courses are provided through the Montgomery County Fire Academy. To view the full list of courses, click here.

“Last year we ran 325 classes, both at the Fire Academy and in fire stations. These classes totaled over 61,000 hours of training for 2,831 students.” – Thomas J. Garrity, Deputy Director of the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety

Firefighter Training:

Much like a traditional academic experience, firefighters receive training through courses that vary in experience level and gradually increase in intensity and rigor. Firefighters begin their journey with entry-level training to learn the fundamentals of firefighting and work their way up to more advanced firefighter courses. Once fire training is completed, firefighters can move in other areas of the fire service as recue, dive, hazardous material, emergency management, or fire company officer. Most of these classes are held on evenings and weekends. There is also an in-house training held every Monday night to enhance skills.

Every volunteer firefighter must take and complete the following training courses:

  • Introduction to the Fire Service
  • Fire Ground Support
  • Exterior Firefighter
  • Interior Firefighter


Fire Police must complete the following training courses:

  • Basic Fire Police
  • Advanced Fire Police
  • Legal Concepts for Fire Police